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Is CTE Dual Credit for me?

在完成高中学业的同时,你是否有兴趣探索实际的职业道路 school degree? 如果是这样,职业技术教育(CTE)双学分是为你准备的! Earn FREE credits toward industry credential and/or a college degree while you are still 参加网赌正规真人实体在线平台 CTE双学分课程的高中.

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Benefits of CTE Dual Credit

  • Save time and tuition by earning college credit and high school credit at the same time.
  • 获得宝贵的实践经验和职业探索机会.
  • 在行业证书和/或大学学位上领先一步.

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Information for Students

If you’re in the ninth to twelfth grade and enrolled in a high school CTE class, you may be eligible. 与你的高中联系,看看你的课程是否被批准. If you maintain an 85% or better each term you are enrolled in the approved high school class and meet the registration deadlines, you will be eligible to earn college credit.


Your high school handbook of course offerings should list the classes that are eligible CTE双学分和计入的大学学分. We also encourage you to contact your high school teachers, counselors and advisors to discuss eligible classes.

View CTE Dual Credit Courses by High School


No! CTE双学分的众多优势之一是你不必离开 your high school campus to participate.



CTE Dual Credit can only be earned during the same academic year you take the high school course(s). 上一学年修过的大学学分不能 be awarded.



联系你的高中CTE班主任,了解你什么时候可以报名. They will assist you in registering using the online Student Enrollment Reporting System (SERS). Next, watch the video below to discover how to enroll today!


There is no limit to the amount of CTE Dual Credit you can obtain while in high school. 然而,它有时会影响你的经济援助资格. Please work closely 与你的高中辅导员确定适当的学分.



CTE双学分将转移到所有其他华盛顿州社区学院. The transferability of your CTE college credits to four-year colleges is dependent upon the college you plan to attend.



一旦你注册并获得成绩,你将获得一份正式成绩单 网赌正规真人实体在线平台 and all student policies for transcription apply. Your grades and credit earned become your permanent record and cannot be removed.



You can log into the Student Enrollment Reporting Systems (SERS) website to view the status of credit progress. 你也可以在你的网赌正规真人实体在线平台成绩单上看到你的学分.



网赌正规真人实体在线平台 will transcribe college credit during the summer quarter following the completion of your CTE Dual Credit course. A copy of your unofficial transcript will be mailed to you by September 1. Request your transcripts!


网赌正规真人实体在线平台's CTE Dual Credit grading scale is listed here.  

Percentage Grade Points Letter Grade
98 to 100% 4.0 A
96 to 97% 3.9 A
95% 3.8 A
94% 3.7 A-
92 to 93% 3.6 A-
91% 3.5 A-
89 to 90% 3.4 B+
88% 3.3 B+
87% 3.2 B+
86% 3.1 B
85% 3.0 B
Below 85% None None



Because the various local high schools grading systems vary, they may not always align with the grading system at 网赌正规真人实体在线平台. Students who earn a 97% (an A or 4.0) at their high 学校会将他们的班级在大学里记录为3分.9 grade point average. 在上面的常见问题中查看网赌正规真人实体在线平台的CTE双学分评分量表. If you find your high school inaccurately recorded your grade, please contact 网赌正规真人实体在线平台’s Director of CTE Dual Credit to request a Grade Change Form.



Once you create a profile account in the CTE Dual Credit SERS system, you will receive 以TP开头的学生识别码,格式为TP#-##-###. By using your CTE Dual Credit ID, your login and/or password, you will be able to access your 查看帐户的发音状态,更换老师,或进行更新 your profile.



At the end of the academic year you earn CTE dual credit, a 网赌正规真人实体在线平台 student identification number will be assigned to you. 这个独一无二的网赌正规真人实体在线平台 SID将被发送给您以示祝贺 letter and will give you access to your college transcript and other future campus activities.



If you’re joining the 网赌正规真人实体在线平台 family, then any CTE Dual Credit you’ve earned is waiting for you here! 只需使用您的网赌正规真人实体在线平台学生身份证号码,包括在您的祝贺 letter and on the enclosed unofficial transcript when applying and your credit will be linked! 




Consideration begins once 网赌正规真人实体在线平台 has received your High School Request to Articulate form.

  • 填写表格并附上所有证明文件. A copy of the form should be submitted to the School District CTE Director as their signature will be needed on the form.


  • Upon review, 网赌正规真人实体在线平台 faculty may approve an articulation, request additional information or a face-to-face meeting, or deny a request. The  网赌正规真人实体在线平台 Director of CTE Dual Credit 是否会根据教师的决定促进下一步的行动.


  • Once an articulation request is approved, the appropriate secondary and postsecondary 合作伙伴将签署支持该协议的最终文件.


  • If the articulation is not currently available within the local consortium, the 网赌正规真人实体在线平台 Director for CTE Dual Credit will recommend appropriate alternatives with other consortia where best match of competencies exist, keeping in mind the closest proximity possible.


Are you looking to request articulation? Complete the High School Request to Articulate form.

Be sure to provide:

  • 课程大纲(包括所需双学分通知的证据)
  • List of specific competencies
  • Assessment criteria
  • Program of study form, and
  • OSPI Frameworks for the course.

Has your class been approved to teach CTE Dual Credit and you need to sign the assurance? Complete the Annual Teacher Assurance form ensuring alignment of curriculum and understanding of responsibilities, expectations and deadlines.

Program articulation agreements are regularly reviewed and updated by college faculty, CTE主任和/或高中教师在预定的时间表,而不是 exceed a three-year rotation, or as deemed necessary due to changes in the college course content, structure or faculty.

The Student Enrollment Reporting System (SERS) is managed by the State Board of Community and Technical Colleges (SBCTC) and is the official database used for CTE Dual Credit registration. 一旦网赌正规真人实体在线平台批准你的课程获得CTE双学分,你将收到一份 email with account set up and log in information.

To Log In to SERS:

  • From the SERS home page, click on Teacher Log In.
  • Log in using the User Name and Password provided to you by the CTE Dual Credit staff or sent to you by email from the SERS database.
    • If you don’t have or have forgotten your login information enter your email in the 忘记您的登录信息字段,然后单击提交按钮. The information 将发送到您的用户资料中的电子邮件地址. Note that your user name is generated by SERS and cannot be changed; however you can change your password at any time.
  • 登录后,您将在左侧看到一个导航菜单,其中列出了 SERS functions available to you.
  • Once logged in to SERS, simply click on the Assignments tab and choose the Class Roster/Assign Grades option. 您可以单击希望报告成绩的课程名称 并为您的学生分配适当的年级或班级地位.
  • By default, the system will list the students in your class that have not been awarded a grade to-date. 要查看所有学生,请务必单击“包括”旁边的复选框 “评分学生”在页面顶部的白色方框中.
  • 在班级名单窗口中,有一些重要的信息需要注意:
    • In the first column of the table, there are small paper icons next to each student’s name. 如果您将鼠标悬停在图标上,您可以看到有关该图标的任何评论 particular student. 要添加注释,请单击页面图标和编辑注释 box will appear. Be sure to save your comments. Only CTE Dual credit staff and teachers will have access to view these comments.
    • By default, the Student Grade column will display “- - - “ and the Student Class Status column will show an “In Progress” status once a student has registered for your class. Once you enter a grade for a student however, you’ll see the class status automatically change to “Completed”.
    • “费用/要求”一栏反映了学生是否已经分配并提交了他们的申请 registration form by the date required. If the status is “Processed”, then the student’s signed registration form was received by the deadline. If the status is “Pending”, 那么学生签名的登记表还没有收到.
    • To begin recording student grades, select the appropriate grade from the drop down list. 对于任何收入低于的学生,选择“未达到”是很重要的 85% in the class. Do NOT select “Below 85”.
  • If you do not have a grade for a student listed in your roster, leave the Grade column 将学生班级状态更改为“退学”或“未上课”。.
  • 当你完成输入学生成绩或改变他们的班级状态时,一定要确保 单击左上角导航栏上的保存更改按钮. Grades and class status 在单击Save changes按钮之前,更改不会被保存和记录!

  •  在SERS主页上,单击Search articulation.
    • From here, you can use the default settings to search all articulations in your consortium.
    • You can narrow your search by selecting a School District, High School, College or Career Cluster.
  • Click the "Go Search!按钮,搜索结果将出现在搜索表单下方.
    • 您可以通过单击希望排序的列进行排序.
    • 要查看衔接的详细信息,请单击该衔接的详细信息. To hide the details again, click on Close.

Teachers are often asked by returning CTE Dual Credit students for their login information 因为他们要么放错地方了,要么是前几年不记得了. As a teacher, 您可以访问学生的个人资料以提供登录信息.

  • From the SERS Home Page, click on Search For Students. To search for students within 仅限您的财团,不选中“搜索全州”复选框. If you cannot find a student within your consortium, try checking the box and searching statewide.
  • 要缩小搜索结果范围,请在一个或多个字段中输入信息. The search tool has a wild card function so if you are unsure of a spelling, you can just enter the first few letters (i.e. “Clark” will show “Clark” and “Clarkston”).
  • Click the "Go Search!按钮,你的搜索结果将出现在搜索下方的表格中 form.
    5. 一旦您验证了SERS已经找到了您的学生查询,(确认DOB或当前) grade) click on View to see the student’s profile.
  • Once a teacher has searched for a student and has opened his/her profile to view it, 老师还可以看到学生的注册历史.
  • The Status column of the registration history will show whether a student has “Completed” CTE双学分课程,或者如果他们的尝试“未达到”. For more information about the grade a student may have earned, the teacher can click on the Details link of a particular articulation. 高中成绩将提供,以及 list of college credits earned.


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